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I am an aspiring storyteller, and at my core, I am just a girl with a passion for creating beautiful narratives. Although I may not possess the skills to write novels, I have found my own unique way of conveying stories through the art of graphics. By combining my love for visuals with my desire to tell captivating tales, I strive to bring my audience on a journey filled with wonder and emotion.

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  • High School for Design and Photography Ljubljana
  • Landscape Architecture in Slovenia · University of Ljubljana
  • The Faculty of Computer and Information Science at the University of Ljubljana
  • Digital Marketing - GeaCollege.
  • ... and more certificates done
  • Rhodesian Ridgeback EU magazine
  • KINOLOG Magazine
  • Designer at Cynological Association of Slovenia
  • Ridgeback Review Magazine (past)
  • Network 21
  • lance jobs as STARR DESIGN
  • Borzoi Review Magazine (past)
  • Kaliopa d.o.o. (past)
  • Kaval Group (past)

Who am I? I’m just a girl who loves to tell beautiful stories. As someone who isn’t great at writing novels, I tell stories through my graphics. I’m a graphic designer and landscape architect.

I worked in the private sector for over twelve years in various roles such as PR, marketing manager, speaker, salesperson for design and architecture programs, and designer for a company. However, I struggled with being stuck at a desk for 8-15 hours a day and feeling restricted. As the saying goes, “Luck is usually on the side of those who take chances and risks.” So, I quit and started my own business.

With over 20 years of experience in graphic design, from the initial concept to final production, I’m equipped to handle any challenge. I specialize in brand development, logo design, corporate identity, visual identity design, product development, brochure design, advertising, marketing, sales, and education.

I develop ideas that make your brand unique. No challenge is too difficult for me. I design brand identity, magazines, books, and assist in developing your business. I have experience in both print and digital design and offer my STARRs creative solutions ranging from advertising (specializing in breeders and their dogs, cats, and horses) to leaflets, brochures, magazines, books, and catalogs, corporate identities, and much more.

I even have my own shop dedicated to dog owners, showcasing my passion for various breeds. You’re welcome to take a look inside or do some shopping.

So, be my STARR and let’s bring your stories to life.