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I am an aspiring storyteller, and at my core, I am just a girl with a passion for creating beautiful narratives. Although I may not possess the skills to write novels, I have found my own unique way of conveying stories through the art of graphics. By combining my love for visuals with my desire to tell captivating tales, I strive to bring my audience on a journey filled with wonder and emotion.

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About Me

Creative designer
and product developer
with COOL dogs

“We are a creative studio offering a wide range of services. We constantly strive to think outside the box and provide unique solutions to our customers.”

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2500 +
Works completed
700 +
ADS done
300 +
Logos Done
20 +
years work experience
What I Do

My Services


"Each logo we create is uniquely tailored to our customers. Why settle for anything less than a logo you'll absolutely love? Our logos are also designed to be user-friendly and easy to implement."


"Looking for a unique and memorable brand identity? We offer a full range of services, from basic design (including brand identity, business cards, envelopes, banners, brochures, and logos) to more advanced commercial ads and presentations, designed to make your business stand out and succeed."


"Our goal is to provide you with a versatile and memorable ad design featuring your canine, with an effective yet unique design that will attract customers to your business. We pride ourselves on creating custom designs that are tailored specifically to your needs, ensuring that each ad is special."

Professional skills

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Web design 0
Illustration 0
Photography 0
Branding 0
Sample of

Creative Works

"I am “working” with Snezka since many years. As a photographer, it is important to me how my pictures will be used in the future. I feel completely safe with her work because I know she is creating an excellent product that can be used in further publications, and it always looks brilliant. She has also created my first beautiful Logo and helped me with few graphic adds. I love her work because it is both professional and very aesthetic."
My Offer

Pricing Plans

Starter plan

To void spirit seasons.

$ 19 / Mo
  • Constant desire renewal
  • Two him darkness
  • Given be divided days
Advanced plan

Fruit form grass heaven.

$ 59 / Mo
  • Constant desire renewal
  • Two him darkness
  • Given be divided days

I always strive to respond within 24 hours. If you don’t receive a response, please feel free to contact me via our Facebook page or by email.